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Positioning Intelligence

Positioning Intelligence

Inhedron Positioning Intelligence is a location-based decision support system developed for underground and exploration mining in order to significantly increase the efficiency and safety of mining operations.

Inhedron Positioning Intelligence provides simultaneous location and information regarding staff, tools and tools, with a 3-dimensional practical user interface and superior situational awareness.


- Besides large mines, small scales can be used for mines.

- It has a completely internet-centric user interface.

- The system can be used with computer, tablet or smartphone.

- It provides the integration of the mine voice and text communication system.

- It has data report and key performance indicator.

- It can control smart ventilation.


- The visibility of the entire mine improves the efficiency of mine operations and decision-making processes.

- It increases safety with the early warning system against biological hazards and minimizes the evacuation time by determining the most suitable escape routes.


- Supporting multiple technologies such as Positioning Intelligence, WIFI (any manufacturer, any bit WiFi tag), RFID (active / passive), Leaky Feeder and GPS as well as mobile networks, collecting data from different source technologies seamlessly in one decision maker will transfer to the system. This ensures that we always use the lowest cost technology to position staff, vehicles and tools.

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