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Intelligent Ventilation

Intelligent Ventilation

Stay away from innovations in the industrial field. With its IHEDRON IoT technology (Internet of Things), it enables efficient use of all industrial machinery and equipment.

One of the most important examples of these is our smart ventilation applications in underground mining enterprises.

Our smart ventilation system İNHEDRON-SmartVent

İNHEDRON-SmartVent system has the ability to work integrated with İNHEDRON Personnel Tracking System and Gas Monitoring Systems. You can follow all the components in your ventilation system such as fans, power units, flaps from where you sit, turn on and off, and adjust the speed of your fans' rotation.

The INHEDRON-SmartVent system allows you to keep ventilation security at the highest level. With our smart ventilation system, you will receive audible and visual warnings immediately in case the underground ventilation equipment malfunctions or fails.

Another feature of the İNHEDRON-SmartVent System is that it reduces your energy costs. With the INHEDRON-SmartVent system, you do not always have to operate your ventilation equipment at top power. By adjusting the speed of your fans to provide a sufficient amount of air speed, you keep the power it draws at the optimum level and prevent excessive energy consumption.

Even if your business does not have an INHEDRON Personnel Tracking System or Gas Monitoring System, you can use the INHEDRON-SmartVent system. With virtually inexpensive operating costs and extremely affordable installation costs, INHEDRON-SmartVent can operate independently of all systems.

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